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Parent Resources

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We are excited to let you know that this year we’ll be using ParentSquare to communicate with you at the school, and in your classrooms and groups. ParentSquare provides a simple and safe way for everyone at school to connect.

Use the following resources to get started!

Fill out the following form in you require additional

support for you ParentSquare Account!

Parent Square

Parents events

Parent Leadership

Meets once a month to explore topics focused around charter schools and education.

Come network with parents and learn how we can improve education!

8th Grade Parent

Learn how you can prepare, support and be the advocate your student needs in high school so they are prepared for college.

We will be learning about high school graduation requirements, types of colleges and universities, how to pay for college, and what colleges look for in their future student.


Family Resources

School Runner


We recognize that creating a safe learning environment is critical in order to help each child achieve academic success.

Please see the bullying resource page for helpful information.

If your student feels unsafe or knows someone that feels unsafe, it is necessary that it gets reported.

Please report any safety threats, bullying,

harassment, intimidation at school, and


Mrs. Moreno

661-855-8231 or visit her in her office.


Arvin Health and Dental Services/ Clinica Sierra Vista   

Address: 10417 Main Street, Lamont, CA 93241

Phone: 661.854.3131 Dental Phone: 661.854.5859


Counseling / Therapy Services 

Address: 7839 Burgundy Avenue #1508 Lamont, CA 93241

Phone: 661.845.5100   


English Speaking Classes 

Address: Arvin High School Parent Office 900 Varsity Rd. Arvin, CA 93203

Phone: 661.854.5561


Internet/Computer (free) Services 

Address: 900 Varsity Rd. Arvin, CA 93203

Phone: 661.854.5561

Kick Board is a school system we use to keep track of grades and behavior.

Review the report at home with your child. Celebrate the bonuses at home!

Every Thursday your student comes home with a STARS report that shows the bonuses and deductions your child received. Our students receive bonuses for following our 5 STARS values and deductions when they are not following the GA expectations.

report bullying
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