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Grow Academy Arvin is a K-8 charter school that embraces a unique blended learning model of instruction.

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Located in the small rural community of Arvin in California’s Central Valley.

Grow Academy Arvin is a program

of Grow Public Schools*

*a charter management organization dedicated to improving education in rural communities, encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles, and inspiring students, parents, teachers, and communities to expect more from their schools and educational leadership.

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Our Mission
and Vision

Our mission is for Grow Academy Arvin, a K-8 public school, to close the achievement gap for students in the rural areas of Kern County by creating an environment for student excellence and well-being.

Our vision is for Grow

Academy Arvin to transform the educational landscape for students in the rural areas of Kern County by providing a model of excellence and innovation leading to college readiness and lifelong success.


Charter schools are
public schools

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There are no tuition or admission


Our teachers are highly qualified and passionate about their work 

We participate in all

state tests

We have the autonomy to offer a unique learning environment


Classroom curriculum and experiences are tailored to reflect individual student achievement and involvement

At Grow Academy, we are guided by four strong beliefs

Every child can have a bright future

Our focus is to support our students in their growth, both academically and individually. We maintain small class sizes, and our unique blended learning model allows for learning across various environments and experiences – in the classroom, in the Learning Lab, in the garden, and through enrichment programs. We are continually reinterpreting the learning experience so that every child at Grow Academy is engaged, happy, and successful.

Every parent can be engaged

We could not do what we do without the support of our scholars' families. We rely on our involved, informed parents to advance our principles of academic achievement and wellness at home and in the Arvin community. We hold high expectations of our parents so that they are empowered to expect the same level of commitment from our school, teachers, and community leaders.

Every teacher can be successful

Our strong academic performance is directly tied to our talented and committed team of teachers, administrators, and staff. What we are doing is critically important – with a direct impact on Kern County and powerful implications for rural communities across the U.S. We also want learning to be fun! We strive to create a vibrant, supportive professional environment, so that staff and students thrive as part of the Grow Academy model.

Every community can flourish

Since 2011, we have demonstrated that high achievement is possible among students from rural areas who have often been overlooked by education reform efforts. Grow Academy is a source of pride for the community of Arvin and everyone involved in the effort.

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